The Human and Machine Intelligence group is a new interdisciplinary research group funded under the Humanities Informatics Lab The focus is on aspects of informatics that relate to knowledge, representation, learning, interpretation, and understanding. These concepts are being reshaped by progress in artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, neuroscience, and associated disciplines. The forum fosters interactions between the humanities and these areas to produce mutually beneficial links between the two. The group emphasizes both research and educational activities at the faculty and student levels.

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fall 2019, spring 2020 and summer 2020     previous semesters schedules

All meetings unless otherwise noted will be on Wednesdays 12:15 – 1:30 in Wilson 142

date participants / speaker topic
Wed 4 Sept Raf Alvarado
(UVA Data Science Institute)
[slides] Presentation on The Age of Surveillance Capitalism.
Short article (Access needs UVA Library Login)
Joint session with the HIL Surveillance Group
Wed 11 Sept Robin Hanson (Economics, George Mason University and Oxford Future of Humanity Institute) [slides]Where Does Automation Win, in the Short And Very Long Run?
Wed 18 Sept Greg Wheeler
(Professor of Philosophy and Computer Science, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Director Centre for Human and Machine Intelligence)
[slides] Prolegomenon to Machine Epistemology
Wed 25 Sept Juan Carlos Caicedo
(Broad Institute, Cambridge Mass)
[slides] Visual Recognition for Quantitative Biology
Wed Oct 2  Zac Irving (Philosophy)  Beyond Importance: Exploration as an Attention Norm
Wed Oct 9  Haifeng Xu (Computer Science, UVA) The Complex Roles of Information in Strategic Interactions
Wed Oct 9 (CS special lecture)

10:30 a.m. Rice Hall 242

Nicholas Weaver
Researcher, ICSI
Lecturer, CS, UC Berkeley
Reflecting on Internet Surveillance and Control
Wed Oct 16  Deborah Hellman (Law, UVA) Algorithmic Fairness
Friday Oct 25 12:15-1:30 Wilson 142


Cameron Buckner
(Philosophy, University of Houston)
The Comparative Psychology of Artificial Intelligences
Wed 30 Oct No meeting
Wed Nov 6 Worthy Martin (CS/IATH UVA)

Chip Levy (Neurosurgery UVA)

Vicente Ordonez-Roman (CS)

Cameron Buckner (Philosophy, University of Houston)

 Panel + audience discussion on adversarial examples in AI
Wed Nov 13  No meeting
Wed Nov 20  Paul Humphreys  Some Thoughts About the Epistemic Dimensions of Contemporary AI and Data
Wed Nov 27 No meeting, Thanksgiving
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Wed Jan 22  Natasha Foutz
(UVA Commerce School)
Applications of Machine Learning to Marketing Big Data.
Wed Jan 29
Wed Feb 5  Catherine Schuman
(Oak Ridge National Lab)
[slides]   Neuromorphic Computing and ML
Wed Feb 12 John Basl
(Philosophy, Northeastern University)
Computer Ethics
Wed Feb 19  Jordan Rodu (UVA Statistics) [slides] The Principled Prediction-Problem Ontology:

When Black Box Algorithms Are (Not) Appropriate

Wed Feb 26  John Chamberlin (Observatory Group)  AI, Financial Markets, and the Future of Work
Wed Mar 4 Sarah Brayne
(Sociology, UT Texas)
Data and Discretion in 21st-Century Policing
Wed Mar 11 No meeting, Spring Break  Rest of Spring meetings cancelled due to COVID-19
Wed Mar 18  Bill Wilhelm (School of Commerce, UVA) Human Judgment, Algorithms, and the Tension Between Economics and Ethics on Wall Street
Wed Mar 25  Rennie Mapp (Digital Humanities, UVA)  What Do Digital Humanists Bring to the Study of Artificial Intelligence?
Thu Apr 2 – Sat Apr 4 Humanities Informatics Lab Showcase, Wilson 142
Wed Apr 8  Joseph Kadane (Statistics, Carnegie Mellon University)  Bayesian Epistemology
Wed Apr 15  Bert Huang (CS, Virginia Tech) Surviving the Growing Data Cost of Machine Learning
 Wed April 22  Johannes Lenhard (Technical University of Kaiserslautern, Germany)  Model Plasticity
Summer 2020 (Online – to join a meeting, contact
Wed June 3  Christian McMillen (History, UVA)

Judy Giering (Learning Design and Technology, UVA)

Anton Korinek (Economics, UVA)


 Panel and discussion on Post-Covid Universities


Core Faculty

  • Paul Humphreys (Co-Director) [website]
  • Vicente Ordóñez Román (Co-Director) [website]
  • Rafael Alvarado (Data Science Institute) [website]
  • Jack Chen (East Asian Languages, Literatures and Cultures) [website]

Associated Faculty

  • Kevin Driscoll (Media Studies) [website]
  • Brie Gertler (Philosophy) [website]
  • Fiona Greenland (Sociology) [website]
  • Zac Irving (Philosophy) [website]
  • Anton Korinek (Economics) [website]
  • Chip Levy (Neuroscience) [website]
  • Worthy Martin (Computer Science, IATH) [website]
  • Dan Spitzner (Statistics) [website]

Graduate Students

  • Nazim Adakli (Philosophy) [website]
  • Faraz Dadgostari (Systems Engineering)
  • Derek Lam (Philosophy) [website]
  • Andrei Marasoiu (Philosophy) [website]
  • Peter Tan (Philosophy) [website]
  • Tianlu (Evelyn) Wang (Computer Science) [website]
  • Ahmed Aly (Electrical and Computer Engineering)