The Human and Machine Intelligence group is a new interdisciplinary research group funded under the Humanities Informatics Lab The focus is on aspects of informatics that relate to knowledge, representation, learning, interpretation, and understanding. These concepts are being reshaped by progress in artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, neuroscience, and associated disciplines. The forum fosters interactions between the humanities and these areas to produce mutually beneficial links between the two. The group emphasizes both research and educational activities at the faculty and student levels.


fall 2018     spring & summer 2018      fall 2017

unless noted, all meetings are held from 12:15 – 1:30 in Wilson 142 with lunch provided.

date participants / speaker topic
Yanfeng Ji Machine Assistants in Creative Writing [slides]
 Don Brown How Wide are the Applications of Deep Learning? [slides]
 Vicente Ordonez Roman Neural Networks Tutorial: Building Neural Networks in Pytorch (Wilson 117)
Vicente Ordonez Roman Neural Networks Tutorial: Training Neural Networks in Pytorch
Vicente Ordonez Roman Neural Networks Tutorial: Practical  Neural Networks using Pytorch. If you did not attend previous sessions, you are encouraged to review the material HERE.
 Joshua Skorburg What Kinds of Data Science Research are Subject to Ethical Review? (3:30 – 5:00 in Cocke Hall Gibson Room, followed by a reception in the Seminar Room)
 Rashni Raveendhran Humans Judge, Technologies Nudge: When and Why People Embrace Behavior Tracking Products
8-Nov, 2pm – 3:45pm
 Deborah Hellman

(this is not an HMI event)

 Measures of Algorithmic Fairness (Nau 342)
Fiona Greenland, UVA Dept of Sociology The Pixel as Epistemic Agent
no meeting  Happy Thanksgiving!


Core Faculty

  • Paul Humphreys (Co-Director) [website]
  • Vicente Ordóñez Román (Co-Director) [website]
  • Rafael Alvarado (Data Science Institute) [website]
  • Jack Chen (East Asian Languages, Literatures and Cultures) [website]

Associated Faculty

  • Kevin Driscoll (Media Studies) [website]
  • Brie Gertler (Philosophy) [website]
  • Zac Irving (Philosophy) [website]
  • Chip Levy (Neuroscience) [website]
  • Worthy Martin (Computer Science, IATH) [website]

Graduate Students

  • Nazim Adakli (Philosophy) [website]
  • Faraz Dadgostari (Systems Engineering)
  • Derek Lam (Philosophy) [website]
  • Andrei Marasoiu (Philosophy) [website]
  • Peter Tan (Philosophy) [website]
  • Tianlu (Evelyn) Wang (Computer Science) [website]
  • Ahmed Aly (Electrical and Computer Engineering)